Sentence Examples with the word agnosticism

Still, his agnosticism meant that, though he did not assert that there is no God, he did assert that we cannot know whether there is or is not.

Flint, Theism, Antitheistic Theories, Agnosticism - all with valuable notes and references, and J.

Leslie Stephen gave this popular agnosticism its finest literary expression.

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Ward, Naturalism and Agnosticism (1899).

Mansel there were sweeping changes in the direction of agnosticism - changes due partly or primarily to the influence of Kant.) Memory is included among First Principles.

Popular scepticism - perhaps even Charles Darwin's; Huxley himself was a student of Hume - understands by agnosticism that science is certain while philosophy and theology are baseless.

The same general line of thought underlies James Ward's Naturalism and Agnosticism (2nd ed., 1903), and A.

Is obvious; and his limitation of reason to the sphere of experience suggests in itself the title of agnostic or positivist rather than that of sceptic. Yet, if we go a little deeper, there is substantial justification for the view which treats agnosticism of the Kantian type as essentially sceptical in its foundations and in its results.

Jones, almost as merciless as MacTaggart, calls this procedure by the hard names of agnosticism and dualism.

Huxley's agnosticism was a natural consequence of the intellectual and philosophical conditions of the 'sixties, when clerical intolerance was trying to excommunicate scientific discovery because it appeared to clash with the book of Genesis.