Sentence Examples with the word agitate

They would agitate by means of the so-called National Masonry, or National Patriotic Society as it was afterwards called, for the restoration of the full kingdom of Poland.

He continued, however, so openly to agitate for the retrocession of the country, being a member of two deputations which went to England endeavouring to get the annexation annulled, that in 1878 Sir Theophilus Shepstone, the British administrator, dismissed him from his service.

Margaret, quarrelling with her husband over money matters, sided at first with Arran and began to agitate for a divorce from Angus.

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These and other elaborate efforts, however, failed to bring about the return of the king to Hanover, though the Guelph party continued to agitate and to hope even after the Franco-German War had immensely increased the power and the prestige of Prussia.

Burdens increased they began to agitate for reforms. In 1892 (the year in which the railway from Cape Town reached the Rand), the National Union was founded at Johannesburg by ex-Cape Colonists of the Imperial progressive party.

Her scent permeated his very skin to agitate his already heated blood.

He'd done his part to agitate Kisolm and received every bit as much as he'd given.

In view of his attitude before annexation, it was not surprising that Kruger should be one of the first men to agitate against it afterwards.

He was one of the most conspicuous of the small revolutionary party, chiefly of the shopkeeper class, who formed a permanent committee in June 1784 to agitate for reform, and called a convention of delegates from all parts of Ireland, which met in October 1784.

This extreme reaction displeased Theramenes, who in return began to agitate for the calling of the 5000 into real existence.