Sentence Examples with the word agility

They were for some time compelled to find subsistence by exhibitions of feats of strength and agility at fairs and on the streets of London.

His brutal strength and otherworldly agility made the futile attempts of the vamps look like they were swatting flies instead of fighting for their lives.

His agility was not less remarkable than his strength; he excelled in all athletic feats which demanded suppleness of limb and quickness of eye.

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Napoleon with his forty-year-old stomach understood that hint, not feeling his former agility and boldness, and under the influence of the fright the Cossacks had given him he at once agreed with Mouton and issued orders-- as the historians tell us--to retreat by the Smolensk road.

In the future, we'll not only know if that is so, but why: Perhaps mental agility is a result of their extensive exposure to a chemical in pencil lead and newsprint that they got by doing all those puzzles.

But if the count, getting more and more into the swing of it, charmed the spectators by the unexpectedness of his adroit maneuvers and the agility with which he capered about on his light feet, Marya Dmitrievna produced no less impression by slight exertions--the least effort to move her shoulders or bend her arms when turning, or stamp her foot-- which everyone appreciated in view of her size and habitual severity.

Two Mountain Rescue volunteers descended with remarkable agility to where he crouched, waving his light as a beacon.

It showed him in battle, his hardened body moving with unearthly speed and agility against enemies that were obscured.

They associate in parties and are mainly arboreal, leaping from bough to bough with an agility that suggests flying through the air.

Xander moved with an agility she'd never seen before in someone half his size.