Sentence Examples with the word agglutinins

It should also be stated that agglutinins are used up in the process of agglutination, apparently combining with some element of the bacterial structure.

In view of all the facts it must be admitted that the agglutinins and immune bodies are the result of corresponding reactive processes, and are probably related to one another.

The fact that agglutinins appear in the body at an early stage in a disease has been taken by some observers as indicating that they have nothing to do with immunity, their development being spoken of as a reaction of infection.

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In the second group, the anti-substance, in addition to combining with the antigen, produces some recognizable physical change in it; the precipitins and agglutinins may be mentioned as examples.

Duclaux, for this reason, considers that agglutinins are coagulative ferments.