Sentence Examples with the word against

Some of them lay the blame on the papacy; and it is true that the papacy had contributed towards the decay of the Crusades when it had allowed its own particular interests to overbear the general welfare of Christianity, and had dignified with the name and the benefits of a Crusade its own political war against the Hohenstaufen.

He leaned against the door jam, smiling down at her tolerantly.

We possess an important law of the Bavarians, whose duchy was situated in the region east of the Lech, and was an outpost of Germany against the Huns, known later as Avars.

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Sand was rough against her cheek, and she blinked back tears and darkness.

Athanasius stood firm, but many accusers soon rose up against one who was known to be under the frown of the imperial displeasure.

He was accused, indeed, of being little more than the complacent executor of the emperor's will, and defended himself in the Reichstag against the charge.

A notable event in the history of the protectorate was the co - operation of the Italian authorities in the campaigns against the Mullah Abdullah.

On the decease of Filippo Maria Visconti in 1447 he joined the Aragonese against Venice and Florence; but, presently changing his flag, fought valiantly against Alphonso of Aragon and forced him to raise the siege of Piombino.

He gripped the bars of his cell and pressed his face against them, trying to see into the neighboring cells.

He took part in the various expeditions against Burgundy, and after the destruction of that kingdom in 534 obtained Grenoble, Die and some of the neighbouring cities.