Sentence Examples with the word ag

Silver sulphide, Ag 2 S, occurs naturally as the orthorhombic acanthite, and the cubic argentite; the telluride, Ag 2 Te, named hessite, assumes cubic forms; other tellurides containing silver are petzite, (Ag,Au) 2 Te, and sylvanite, AuAgTe 4.

It occurs in the minerals naumannite, PbSe Ag 2 Se, and eukairite, Ag2Se.

With silver nitrate it gives an orange red precipitate of silver ferricyanide, Ag 3 Fe(NC)s.

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Similarly the sulphate yields 5Ag 2 O 2, 2Ag 2 SO 7, silver peroxysulphate, and the fluoride the peroxyfluorides Ag15F3016, Ag 7 FO 8.

In the Eastern Alps the central ridge seems to have been in existence at least ag as early as Triassic times, but it has since been subject p to several oscillations.

It appears to be silver nitride Ag 3 N, but it usually contains free silver and sometimes hydrogen.

It forms with silver nitrate the yellowish green solid, Ag 2 S AgNO 3, and with silver sulphate the orange-red powder, Ag 2 S Ag 2 SO 4 Silver sulphate, Ag 2 SO 4, is obtained as white crystals, sparingly soluble in water, by dissolving the metal in strong sulphuric acid, sulphur dioxide being evolved, or by adding strong sulphuric acid to a solution of the nitrate.

The sesquioxide, Ag 4 O 3, is supposed to be formed when silver peroxide is treated with ammonia (Watson, Jour.

Silver sulphide, Ag 2 S, constitutes the mineral argentite or silver glance, and may be obtained by heating silver with sulphur, or by precipitating a silver salt with sulphuretted hydrogen.

MNeill gave a certain time for ag and, decision, at the end of which, no satisfactory reply haying reached him, he broke off diplomatic relations, ordered the British officers lent to the shah to proceed towards Bagdad en -route to India, and retired to Erzerum with the members of his mission.