Sentence Examples with the word affliction

My heart went out to the lonely man who ate the bread of affliction in Grub Street, and yet, in the midst of toil and cruel suffering of body and soul, always had a kind word, and lent a helping hand to the poor and despised.

The strongest personal interest in his life was the affliction which befell him in the loss of his children, one after another.

My time of the month has passed without its usual affliction and I am dire fearful of the consequences of why this might be so.

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On the ist of April 1859 a crushing and desolating affliction fell upon him in the death of his mother.

The victims of this affliction lose for the time all self-control and all sense of their own identity, imitating the actions of any person who chances to rivet their attention.

Perhaps the domestic affliction of the emperor arid the anarchy which in his later years had spread in his dominions had, however, more to do with the maintenance of tranquillity than any mere personal feeling.

The nervous affliction called latah, to which many Malays are subject, is also a curious trait of the people.

No leaven shall be eaten with it for seven days, and bread of affliction shall be eaten because they came forth from Egypt in haste.