Sentence Examples with the word affirmatively

The adjutant bent his head affirmatively and began to report, but the Emperor turned from him, took a couple of steps, stopped, came back, and called Berthier.

So soon as the point of view is clear - that in the Gathas we have firm historical ground on which Zoroaster and his surroundings may rest, that here we have the beginnings of the Zoroastrian religion - then it becomes impossible to answer otherwise than affirmatively every general question as to the historical character of Zoroaster.

Leagues of public land) was settled affirmatively in 1867, but the final land patents were not issued until 1884 by the national government.

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Dean answered affirmatively and smiled up at Edith Shipton, giving an all-is-well wave.

Powers not specifically referred to remain with the states, and if the national government wishes to claim any particular power, it must show affirmatively that that power has been granted to it by the Constitution.

Martha responded affirmatively just as Cynthia called to her from the kitchen.

The powers of a state are inherent, not delegated, and each retains all such rights and functions of an independent government as it has not, by entering the Union, affirmatively divested itself of in favor of the Federal government.