Sentence Examples with the word affaires

And authorities; Les Affaires du comte de Boduel (written January 1568, publ.

Freese, A Short Popular History of Crete (London, 1897); Bickford-Smith, Cretan Sketches (London, 1897); Laroche, La Crete ancienne et moderne (Paris, 1898); Victor Berard, Les Affaires de Crete (Paris, 1898); Monuments Veneti dell' isola de Creta (published by the Venetian Institute), vol.

He wrdte Les Affaires du comte de Boduel, exhibiting himself as the victim of the malice of his enemies, and gained King Frederick II.'s good- will by an offer to restore the Orkneys and Shetlands to Denmark.

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Several letters from Farini to Mr Gladstone and Lord John Russell were reprinted in a Memoire sur les affaires d'Italie (1859), and a collection of his political correspondence was published under the title of Lettres sur les affaires d'Italie (Paris, 1860).

Masson, Le Departement des affaires etrangeres pendant la revolution, 1787-1804, ch.

Colonel Farrant, then charg d affaires on shh the part of the British government, in the absence of - a Colonel Sheil, who had succeeded Sir John MNeill, had, in anticipation of the shahs decease and consequent trouhle, sent a messenger to summon him instantly to Teheran.

Sur les affaires des Pays Bas (Brussels, 1851-1852); L.

This translation is entitled La Disme enseignant facilement expedier par Nombres Entiers sans rompuz tous Comptes se rencontrans aux Affaires des Hommes.

Sur les affaires des Pays-Bas (5 vols., 1848-1879); Correspondance de Guillaume le taciturne (6 vols., 1847-1857); G.

He co-operated with Franklin and others in the periodical work entitled Affaires de l'Anglcterre et de l'Amerique (1776, sqq.), which was devoted to the support of American independence.