Sentence Examples with the word aesthetic

These defects will no doubt be overcome as concrete grows in popularity as a building material and its aesthetic treatment is better understood.

A subject so vast and so incapable of classification cannot be discussed here, but its aesthetic principles may be illustrated by the extreme case of the trumpets and horns, which in classical times had no scale except that of the natural harmonic series.

Reference has been made above to the effect upon the rise of the later psychological logic produced by Herbart's psychology of apperception, when disengaged from the background of his metaphysic taken in conjunction with his treatment in his practical philosophy of the judgment of value or what he calls the aesthetic judgment.

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In 1541 he lost two infant sons, and the mysterious affair of the death of that aesthetic ruffian, Sir James Hamilton of Finnart, was supposed to lie heavy on his mind.

Bosanquet, History of Aesthetic (1892), and Introd.

It is to this day the nursery of that whole type of devotion which affects renunciation of the world, which strives after an ideal, without the strength to rise above aesthetic impressions, and is never able to form a clear conception of the object of its own aspiration.

Werner Abrahamson (1744-1812) was the first aesthetic critic Denmark produced.

At Weimar her talents, hitherto held in check, found an atmosphere to stimulate and foster them, her aesthetic and literary tastes formed themselves under the influence of Goethe and his circle, and her little salon gained a certain celebrity.

I have an aesthetic appreciation of John's looks, personal style and creativity.

The contemplation of their intricacy can provide many hours of aesthetic pleasure.