Sentence Examples with the word ae

Schlumberger, ae Tresor de San' a, Paris, 1880; D.

He is the author of a AE (or IIEpi TWV TWV SEKa n r6pwv, which has come down to us in an incomplete form.

The vertical distance above the line ab of any point in the dotted line dc is proportional to the vertical component of the compressive stress on the line ale assumed to vary uniformly from face to face, and similarly the vertical distance of any point in the3-dot-and-dash line ae above the line ab is proportional to the vertical component of the stress determined experimentally.

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In 1531 he became g pP archbishop of York, but he came under suspicion ae one who dis Grant's three he was compelled to break out of his Petersburg liked the king's new position as head of the English Church.

F ae thought that the sky was a goddess Nut, whom the god cepi w held aloof from her husband Keb the earth, on whose back At 1 plants and trees grew.

If BN, CP, DQ, FS, GT are the perpen diculars to AE from the angular points, the ordinates NB, PC,..

As the hymn is said to have been C ae dmon's first essay in verse, its lack of poetic merit is rather an argument for its genuineness than against it.

And produced it to meet the tangent at A in E; and then his assertion (not established by him) was that AE was nearly equal to the arc AC, the error being in defect.

The earliest mention of Babylon is in a dated tablet of the reign of Sargon of Akkad (3800 B.C.), who is stated to have built sanctuaries there to Anunit and Ae (or Ea), and H.