Sentence Examples with the word adze

Their canoes are simply hollowed out of trunks with the adze and in no other way, and it is the smaller ones which are outrigged; they do not last long and are not good sea-boats, and the story of raids on Car Nicobar, out of sight across a stormy and sea-rippled channel, must be discredited.

In north-west America and in the Caribbean area the adze was highly developed.

The stone implements are generally of one or two types: a long rectangular adze or wedge rudely pointed at one end, and used in conjunction with a mallet or flat stone, and a roughly triangular axe-head, which has evidently been fixed in the B too R.

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Building Tools.The adze described above was used for dressing blocks of limestone.

The adze (41) was used not only for woodwork but also for dressing limestone.

Two men working on a tree trunk, one making a cut with the adze lengthwise and the other chopping off the piece across, will soon hollow out a large canoe.

That and the crampons are the key tools The sinister instrument was serrated on one end of its curved claw, with an adze blade on the other side of the crescent.

The adze was of stone, probably flint, and had a short handle (P.R.T.