Sentence Examples with the word advisor

In exchange, I want you to choose your top advisor to send to me.

His father's most trusted advisor had done the unthinkable, and yet, Ne'Rin had borne all the sacrifices that A'Ran had by coming with him.

My uncle - -his most trusted advisor - -is now mine, a man I trust but do not like.

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My trusted advisor reminds me I am a servant of Tiyan.

As old and frail as I am, I still wish to fight the barbarians, but my advisor warns me I'll soon follow the path of my mad father.

I found my advisor with his sword drawn standing over my daughter's body.

By their edgy exchanges, he could tell Rissa knew her advisor posed some danger.

He was the advisor and friend of two of the kings who succeeded Cyrus.

His trusted advisor had never done so before, but A'Ran hadn't thought any member of his household capable of the complexities of battle planning.

Her advisor did not believe what the guards believed, that only a member of her clan could make the Springs heal people.