Sentence Examples with the word advertised

Arany sent in his work, and shortly afterwards was awarded the 25-gulden prize (7th of February 1846) by the society, which then advertised another prize for the best Magyar epic poem.

It was advertised as to let in 1761, and early in the 19th century, along with the chapel adjoining, was in ruins, but has been restored by Colonel Gordon-Gilmour.

The subject of patent medicines is but little understood by the general public. Any medicine, the composition of which is kept secret, but which is advertised on the label for the cure of diseases, must in Great Britain bear a patent medicine stamp equal to about one-ninth of its face value.

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For though Great Britain was now isolated and her policy in Europe advertised as a failure, the temper of the British people was less inclined to peace in 1798 than it had been three years before.

The analyses published in this work show that nearly all the widely advertised secret remedies contain only well-known and inexpensive drugs.

Founders were advertised for, and records show that Andrew Schalch of Douai was selected.

Cigarettes were advertised on TV and in magazines and their packages carried no warnings.

Men are advertised that at a certain hour and minute these bolts will be shot toward particular points of the compass; yet it interferes with no man's business, and the children go to school on the other track.

Hares, too, are dyed a sable colour and advertised as sable.

It is advertised in the Cuttingsville Times.