Sentence Examples with the word adversity

Continued adversity had soured Johnson's temper.

It required the chastening of adversity to teach it a salutary lesson, and a few years after, when the first effects of the crisis had passed away, business was on a much sounder footing than had been the case for very many years.

They made civilization in times of adversity and want, not in the relative luxury and stability we enjoy today.

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His experience of surviving adversity across the remote world is second to none.

It was part of the adversity of war.

She turned adversity into opportunity.

With adversity you can feel stronger and face any of life's adversities with renewed courage which will make your life easier.

Help me to trust in you to come to my aid whenever I face adversity or opposition.

Which carries no more intrinsic weight than the Davidic titles of the Psalms. The poem begins with a prayer that God will renew the historic manifestation of the exodus, which inaugurated the national history and faith; a thunderstorm moving up from the south is then described, in which God is revealed (3-7); it is asked whether this manifestation, whose course is further described, is against nature only (8-ii); the answer is given that it is for the salvation of Israel against its wicked foes (12-15); the poet describes the effect in terror upon himself (16) and declares his confidence in God, even in utter agricultural adversity (17-19).

An energy which never slackened, a doggedness which no adversity could crush, a fiery ambition coupled with the coolest calculation, and a diplomatic unscrupulousness which looked always to the end and never to the means, these were the salient qualities of the reconstructor of the dismembered Danish state.