Sentence Examples with the word adversely

The fall of the Right on the 18th of March 1876 was an event destined profoundly and in many respects adversely to affect the course of Italian history.

The explanation thus attempted by Kekule was adversely criticized, more especially by A.

They understood giving any credibility to a hint of the existence of a psychic tipster adversely affected their ultimate chance for a conviction.

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On the other hand, if the exception be taken to exclude all questions which, when decided adversely to a state, impose a restraint on its freedom of action, then the exception would seem to exclude such a question as the true interpretation of an ambiguous treaty, a subject with which experience shows international arbitration is well fitted to deal.

In 1876 a committee of the General Assembly of that Church reported on them so adversely that Smith demanded a formal trial, in the course of which he defended himself with consummate ability and eloquence.

It was feared that the removal of this powerful deterrent would adversely affect discipline, but on the contrary, the yearly average of prison offences has diminished from 147 to 131 per thousand prisoners, and it has been felt by the authorities that the limitation was salutary and wise.

The commission was deputed to inquire into and report on certain of the grievances adversely affecting the gold industry.

The true patron can, however, exercise his right to present at the next vacancy, and can reserve the advowson from an usurper at any time within three successive incumbencies so created adversely to his right, or within sixty years.

The effect of these revelations was profound not only politically, but also economically; the important export trade in Danish butter, especially, was adversely affected, as Herr Alberti had been interested in numerous dairy companies.

Nay, it would even be found that the habit of philosophical reflection often operated adversely to the attainment of this end, by developing the thinker's selfconsciousness, so as to disturb that normal relation to external objects on which the zest of ordinary enjoyment depends.