Sentence Examples with the word adventure

This is a very real, but safe, adventure with magnificent scenery, wonderful camaraderie and truly unforgettable ancient art.

He frees her from imprisonment in the castle of Meleagant, who has carried her off against her will - (a similar adventure is related in Lanzelet, where the abductor is Valerin, and Lanzelet is not the rescuer) - and, although he recovers his kingdom from Claudas, he prefers to remain a simple knight of Arthur's court, bestowing the lands on his cousins and half-brother Hector.

As patron of maritime adventure (i yee 6vtos) he struggles with Nereus and Triton, slays Eryx and Busiris, and perhaps captures the wild horses and oxen, which may stand for pirates.

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He himself must bear a part of it, for those goods formed part of the adventure for whose safety the jettison was made; and it is owing to the partial safety of the adventure that any contribution at all is received by him.

But we dropped into this adventure rather unexpectedly.

A few years later William of Malmesbury adds a love adventure at Cordova, a compact with the devil, the story of a speaking statue that foretold Gerbert's death at Jerusalem - a prophecy fulfilled, somewhat as in the case of Henry IV.

His university training was supplemented (1714) by a continental tour, untrammelled by a governor; at the Hague his ambition for the applause awarded to adventure made a gamester of him, and at Paris he began, from the same motive, that worship of the conventional Venus, the serious inculcation of which has earned for him the largest and most unenviable part of his reputation.

At Copenhagen they were entertained by the king and queen, and after much feting, returned to Gravesend: this adventure served to cheer the poet, who had been in low spirits since the death of his favourite brother Charles, and who now entered upon a phase of admirable vigour.

This adventure was even more ignominious than that of Poseidon and Apollo when they were compelled to serve Laomedon for hire.

The title of emperor, which he enjoyed at Elba, had been forfeited by the adventure of 1815, and he was now treated officially as a general.