Sentence Examples with the word adult male

In height the adult male chimpanzee of the typical form does not exceed 5 ft., and the colour of the hair is a full black, while the skin, especially that of the face, is light-coloured; the ears are remarkably large and prominent, and the hands reach only a short distance below the knees.

So far as state and national elections are concerned, the privilege was extended to native non-freeholders by the constitution of 1842, to naturalized foreigners who had served in the Civil War by an amendment of the 7th of April 1886, and to all adult male citizens by the amendment of the 4th of April 1888.

Both sexes carry lyrate horns; the shoulder-height of an adult male is about 30 in., and an average pair of horns measures 14 in.

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Crrpov0LWV or o .47as a-rpov06s); the Struthio camelus of Linnaeus, and the largest of living birds, an adult male standing nearly 8 ft.

The right of suffrage is confined by the constitution to adult male citizens who have resided in the state for one year.

Vote by ballot was troduced; the number of members in the assembly was creased to 80, and the franchise was granted to every adult male after six months' residence in any electoral area.

The ejaculatory duct which opens on the ninth abdominal sternum in the adult male arises in the tenth abdominal embryonic segment and subsequently moves forward.

Fifteen grains constitute an exceedingly dangerous dose for an adult male of average weight.

Many natives, even if armed, refuse, however, to molest an adult male gorilla, on account of its ferocity when wounded.