Sentence Examples with the word adoptive

He ordered the establishment of a temple and cult in honour of his adoptive father, but he did not come to Rome.

Idumaean or Philistine of Ascalon, Antipater had displayed the capacity of his adoptive or adopted nation for his own profit and theirs.

Towards the close of the 18th and in the early part of the 9th century, the state was subject to a series of spoliations by Sindia and Holkar, and was only preserved from destruction by the talents and courage of the adoptive mother of the fifth raja.

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In order to obtain beatitude for her adoptive father, she resolved to become a river whose waters should purify from all sin.

Like her adoptive mother, Destiny was mesmerized by the chocolate gaze and rich deep voice.

The town also has some buildings by Lazzaro Buggiano, the pupil and adoptive son of Brunelleschi.

Among the most important of the matters which concern a rural parish is the administration of what are commonly called the adoptive acts.

These words were taken in the sense that Jesus was then re-born of the Spirit an adoptive Son of God and Messiah; and with this reading is bound up the entire adoptionist school of Christology.

That was a double-edged hurt, though, because Alex adored his adoptive father.

By his will the Elder Pliny had made his nephew his adopted son, and the latter now assumed the nomen and praenomen of his adoptive father.