Sentence Examples with the word adopted

Antoninus Pius died in 161, having recommended as his successor Aurelius, then forty years of age, without mentioning Commodus, his other adopted son, commonly called Lucius Verus.

Count Corti had no suspicion that France had adopted a less disinterested attitude towards similar suggestions from Bismarck and Lord Salisbury.

Marcus was three months old when his father died, and was thereupon adopted by his grandfather.

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In their cultivation he adopted Tull's practice of drilling and horse-hoeing, and he was also the founder of the Norfolk or four-course system, the first of those rotations which dispense with the necessity of a summer-fallow and provide winter-keep for live-stock (see below, Rotation of Crops).

From northern Italy, as it would seem, they adopted a style of architecture which grew in their hands, both in Normandy and in England, into a marked and living form of art.

The other day I substituted the words SMALL and LARGE for these signs, and she at once adopted the words and discarded the signs.

He adopted the dress and manners of the country, was the first Christian missionary in Kiang-si, and built several churches in Fo-Kien.

The charter of 1908 is a revision of this proposed charter of 1905 with the objectionable features eliminated; it was adopted by a large majority vote.

Across this barrier the old road from Kabul to India ran before the Khyber Pass was adopted as the main route.

Celibacy had been adopted in 1807 as the rule of the community.