Sentence Examples with the word admittedly

In analytical invention, and mastery over the calculus, the Turin mathematician was admittedly unrivalled.

Mary and Martha are admittedly identical with the sisters in Luke x.

It has sometimes been supposed that Pascal, from 1651 or earlier to the famous accident of 1654, lived a dissipated, extravagant, worldly, luxurious (though admittedly not vicious) life with his friend the duc de Roannez and others.

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Now this is admittedly wrong.

Yahweh had admittedly been the God of Israel's ancestors, but his name was only now made known (Exod.

The award, admittedly just on the evidence before Keate, placed, however, outside the territory of the republic the Bloemhof district, in which district Boer farmers were settled, and over which the Pretoria government had for some years exercised jurisdiction.

They have no special powers of order, being presbyters, and their legal status is admittedly merely that of officials of the territorial sovereign in his capacity as head of the territorial church (see Superintendent).

It admittedly started by taking the truth of Catholicism for granted; and its only object was to make intelligible to reason the dogmas that faith already accepted.

The perplexing relation between the admittedly late compilations and the actual course of the early history becomes still more intricate when one observes such a feature as the late interest in the Israelite tribes.

The establishment of these firms was admittedly a political move which coincided with the extension of French influence from Senegal into the interior.