Sentence Examples with the word admit

Indefinable ideas, with primary principles of another kind - axioms, and postulates that neither need nor admit of proof.

Again the emperor had to admit that his troops could do no more, and bowing to necessity, he distributed them into winter quarters, where, however, the enterprise of the Cossacks, who were no strangers to snow and to forests, left the outposts but little repose.

And when she asked herself what distressed her, she had to admit that it was her relation to Rostov.

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The pianoforte trios of Haydn are perhaps the only-works of first-rate artistic importance in which there is no doubt that the earlier stages of the new art do not admit of sufficient polyphony to give the instruments fair play.

According to the light railway commissioners, experience satisfied them (a) that light railways were much needed in many parts of the country and that many of the lines proposed, but not constructed, were in fact necessary to admit of the progress, and even the maintenance, of existing trade interests; and (b) that improved means of access were requisite to assist in retaining the population on the land, to counteract the remoteness of rural districts, and also, in the neighbourhood of industrial centres, to cope with the difficulties as to housing and the supply of labour.

In each case the people thought themselves to be worshipping Yahweh under the title of Molech or Baal; but the prophet refuses to admit that this is so, because the worship itself is an apostasy to heathenism.

For you'll admit that if we don't know for sure how many of them there are... hundreds of lives may depend on it, while there are only two of us.

He showed an obstinate refusal to admit that things were bad.

The route which these caravans follow is a chaussee as far as Erzerum, but this in places is too much broken to admit of the transit of wheeled vehicles.

I admit I don't know exactly how this is happening but I'm sure it's not my equipment; yes, it's a catalyst but it's mainly Howie's scrambled brain.