Sentence Examples with the word admirably

It is much visited for the sake of its mild climate, the grand cliffs, moors and hills of the neighbourhood, and the beach, admirably suited for bathing.

The building, of beautiful classical design, and admirably adapted to its uses, was completed in 1916.

The plants are admirably adapted for climates in which a season favourable to growth alternates with a hot or dry season;.

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The bay is admirably sheltered by the land on every side but the north.

The whole arrangement is simple and cheap in first cost, and it lends itself admirably to fast track-laying and to repairs and changes of line.

This gives the utmost possible effect of finality to the whole Credo, and contrasts admirably with the coldly formal instrumental end of the Resurrexit three movements further back.

The Anglo-Saxon Leechdoms 1 of the 11th century, published in the Rolls series of medieval chronicles and memorials, admirably illustrate the mixture of magic and superstition with the relics of ancient science which constituted monastic medicine.

It is, therefore, admirably adapted for both literary and rhetorical purposes.

For these reasons the coelostat is never likely to be largely employed in general astronomical work, but it is admirably adapted for spectroscopic and bolometric observations of the sun, and for use in eclipse expeditions.

The high veld is admirably adapted for the raising of stock, its grasses being of excellent quality and the climate good.