Sentence Examples with the word administratively

Though situated in Norfolk county, the city has been since its incorporation administratively independent of it.

Elberfeld-Barmen, although administratively separate, practically form a single whole.

Though administratively distinct, the two cities so closely adjoin as virtually to form one whole.

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NICOBAR ISLANDS, a British group of twelve inhabited and seven uninhabited islands in the Bay of Bengal, between Sumatra and the Andaman Islands, to which latter they are administratively appended.

The ports of Hull and Goole have been administratively combined since 1888, the conservancy of the river being under the Humber Conservancy Board.

These districts, administratively distinct, belong topographically to Greater London.

The country belongs to China, and to the Chinese is known as Sin-kiang; but administratively the Chinese province of Sin-kiang crosses over the Tian-shan and includes the valleys of Kulja or Ili and Dzungaria on the north.

Macao was administratively united to Portuguese Timor till 1896, and still pays a contribution to the revenue.

Economically and administratively on the landlords, or should be transformed into a class of independent communal proprietors.

Are the town and old Turkish fortress of Yenikale, administratively united with Kerch.