Sentence Examples with the word adjustments

While the tendency is for the living forms to come into harmony with their environment and to approach the state of equilibriumby successive adjustments if the environment should happen to change, it is to be observed that the action of organisms themselves often tends to change their organisms environment.

In the course of fifty years, it may be said, the balance will be rectified, and the whole class to which the individuals belong, and the property they own, will be visited in turn, so that this taxation should be credited to them in an account of the incidence of taxes generally; but fifty years is altogether too long a period for such adjustments to be made.

An essential in all rough and fine adjustments is that the motion must always be parallel to the optical axis of the microscope, so that the same point in the object remains in the centre of the field.

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The numerous adjustments required by the tapper and the inertia of the apparatus prompted inventors to seek for a self-restoring coherer which should not need tapping.

When one of the levers of K is depressed, the condenser C 1 and the cable, and the condenser C2 and the artificial cable, are simultaneously charged in series; but, if the capacity of C 1 bears the same proportion to the capacity of the cable as the capacity of C2 bears to the capacity of the artificial cable, and if the other adjustments are properly made, no charge will be communicated to C3.

This fatal parsimony had the most serious political consequences, for it crippled the king at every step. Strive and scheme as he might, his needs were so urgent, his enemies so numerous, that, though generally successful in the end, he had always to be content with compromises, adjustments and semi-victories.

As with other duplex systems it is possible to obtain several approximately correct adjustments with the bridge and its accessories, but only one gives a true balance, and careful experiment is required to make sure that this is obtained.

By kunde, by permission of Julius successive adjustments of this kind Springer, Berlin.

A micrometer drum reads to 2', while the vernier reads to single minutes so that very fine adjustments can be made.

Latham (The Action of Examinations, 1877, p. 490) describes other numerical adjustments used to meet this difficulty, especially that used in English civil service examinations.