Sentence Examples with the word adjust

The slider upon the rule serves to adjust the scale for different temperatures, and then indicates the strength of the spirit in percentages over or under proof.

The systems of Plato and Aristotle sought to adjust the rival claims of physics and ethics (although the supremacy of the latter was already acknowledged); but the popular religions were thrown overboard.

In 1613 he formed one of a deputation to England, in an attempt to adjust those differences which gave rise afterwards to a naval struggle disastrous to Holland.

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The slow movements continued for an hour, with A'Ran pausing between each new one to adjust her stance as needed.

It didn't take long for Lisa to adjust to her new job.

I'd rather you didn't get too close to them until they adjust to the change.

In 1855 the emperor of Brazil sent a squadron of eleven men-of-war and as many transports up the Parana to adjust several questions pending between the empire and was that of the right of way by the Paraguay river to the interior Brazilian province of Matto Grosso.

Now I'm able to adjust my method of operation accordingly.

Pemberton was accordingly deputed to Bhutan to adjust the points of difference.

Mr Chamberlain spoke all over the country, advocating a definite scheme for reorganizing the budget, so as to have more taxes on imports, including food, but proposing to adjust the taxation so as to improve the position of the workingclasses and to stimulate employment.