Sentence Examples with the word adductor

H, Anterior (pallial) adductor muscle of the shells.

Pernidae.-Shell very inequilateral; ligament subdivided; mantle open throughout; anterior adductor absent.

The single adductor muscle of the Monomya is separated by a difference of fibre into two portions, but neither of these can be regarded as possibly representing the anterior adductor of the other Lamellibranchs.

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Mantle-flap. Megalodon; Devonian to Jur ma, Anterior adductor assic. Pachyrisma; Trias and muscle.

The fresh-water Mussels, Anodonta cygnea, Unio pictorum, and Unio margaritiferus belong to the order Eulamellibranchia of Lamellibranch Molluscs, in which the anterior and posterior adductor muscles are equally developed.

The mouth is placed between the anterior adductor and the foot; the anus opens on a median papilla overlying the posterior adductor, and discharges into the superior pallial chamber along which the excurrent stream passes.

This byssus is not homologous with that of other Lamellibranchs, but originates from a single glandular epithelial cell embedded in the tissues on the dorsal anterior side of the adductor muscle.

The glochidium is formed by the precocious development of the anterior adductor and the retardation of all the other organs except the shell.

The bivalved carapace has a jointed rostrum, and covers only the front part of the body, to which it is only attached quite in front, the valve-like sides being under control of an adductor muscle.

Then the posterior adductor develops, and becomes equal to the anterior, and finally in some cases the anterior becomes smaller or disappears.