Sentence Examples with the word ad hoc

The two courts would have separate spheres of activity, and litigants would practically have the option of submitting their differences to a judicial court which would regard itself as being bound by the letter of the law and by judicial methods or to a special court created ad hoc with a purely arbitrative character.

The right of the archbishop to exercise a certain disciplinary power over the regular orders is possessed by him, not as archbishop, but as the delegate ad hoc of the pope.

Russia and China's proposal is that an Ad Hoc Committee in the CD would first have a research and not a negotiating mandate.

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Neumann argued that the recrudescence of active persecution was initiated by a deliberate ad hoc rescript issued probably in A.D.

Thus the law for strengthening of the standing orders was carried through by an ad hoc combination of Poles, Czechs and Christian Socialists.