Sentence Examples with the word active volcano

The only plain of any great extent is that of Catania, watered by the Simeto, in the east; to the north of this plain the active volcano of Etna rises with an exceedingly gentle slope to the height of 10,868 ft.

It is repeated in the blazing summit of the Kuh-i-taftan (the burning mountain of the Persian frontier)which is the highest active volcano in Asia (13,000 ft.), and probably the farthest inland.

Sincholagua and Ruminagui are the next two peaks, going southward, and then the unrivalled cone of Cotopaxi - the highest active volcano in the world - from whose summit smoke curls upward unceasingly.

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Mt Mayon (7916 ft.), near the south-eastern extremity, is an active volcano with an almost perfect cone.

Kerguelen Island is of undoubted volcanic origin, the prevailing rock being basaltic lavas, intersected occasionally by dikes, and an active volcano and hot springs are said to exist in the south-west of the island.