Sentence Examples with the word acrostic

The Instructiones consist of 80 poems, each of which is an acrostic (with the exception of 60, where the initial letters are in alphabetical order).

This book is worthy of note on account of the quaint and sarcastic humour of its numerous acrostic verses.

Both kinds of acrostic occur side by side in the Psalms. Psalm ex., an acrostic of the same kind as David's elegy, is followed by Psalms cxi.

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The A pologeticum, undoubtedly by Commodianus, although the name of the author (as well as the title) is absent from the MS., is free from the acrostic restriction.

The repetition of the acrostic word, far more frequent in Psalm cxix.); and some disappear on revision of the text.

May have suffered more in transmission than those which precede it-even to the extent of losing the acrostic form (like some of the Psalms and Nahum i.), besides half of its stanzas.