Sentence Examples with the word acrolein

Glyceric aldehyde, CH 2 OH CH(OH) CHO, was obtained pure by Wohlon oxidizing acrolein acetal, CH 2 CH(OC 2 H 5) 21 and hydrolysing.

By passing acrolein vapour into ammonia, acrolein ammonia, C 6 H 9 NO, is obtained.

Scholtz (Ber., 1894, 2 7, p. 2 95 8) from piperonyl acrolein (the condensation product of piperonal and acetaldehyde) and acetic acid.

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Fischer has used it as a condensing agent in the preparation of aand 0-acrose from acrolein dibromide.

By boiling this varnish with dilute nitric acid vapours of acrolein are given off, and the substance gradually becomes a solid non-adhesive mass the same as the ultimate oxidation product of both raw and boiled oil.