Sentence Examples with the word acrid

The integument of tailed and tailless batrachians is remarkable for the great abundance of follicular glands, of which there may be two kinds, each having a special secretion, which is always more or less acrid and irritating, and affords a means of defence against the attacks of many carnivorous animals.

The tree produces excellent timber, and is much used for furniture, its strong acrid taste driving away insects.

Pubescens, Hook, is of a dark reddish colour, has an acrid taste and an odour resembling cedar-wood, and softens in the hand.

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She followed the two through the acrid smoke into the command hub.

The plants generally contain an acrid poisonous juice.

During the Polish insurrection Gorchakov rebuffed the suggestions of Great Britain, Austria and France for assuaging the severities employed in quelling it, and he was especially acrid in his replies to Earl Russell's despatches.

Robespierre was an acrid fanatic, and unlike Danton, who only cared to secure the practical results of the Revolution, he had a moral and religious ideal which he intended to force on the nation.

The odour is heavy and disagreeable, and the taste acrid and bitter.

She stared at the embroidered tablecloth, tormented by the scent of food she couldn't eat and the visions of death and betrayal that left an acrid taste in her mouth.

The bright red ovoid berries are cathartic, the whole plant is acrid and poisonous, and the bark is used medicinally.