Sentence Examples with the word acquitted

Baron Cuvier in his Eloge historique of Fourcroy repels the charge, but he can scarcely be acquitted of time-serving indifference, if indeed active, though secret, participation be not proved against him.

Prosecuted in connexion with the Panama scandals, he was acquitted in 1893.

The high priest Joshua is accused before Yahweh by Satan, but is acquitted and given rule in Yahweh's house and courts, with the right of access to Yahweh in priestly intercession.

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A tie vote acquitted (Aeschyl.

He tried Queen Joanna of Naples for the murder of her husband and acquitted her.

The toleration edicts of Galerius and of Constantine and Licinius were published during his pontificate, which was also marked by the holding of the Lateran synod in Rome (313) at which Caecilianus, bishop of Carthage, was acquitted of the charges brought against him and Donatus condemned.

She was brought to trial by her father, acquitted and afterwards married to her lover.

Lassalle, accused of moral complicity, was acquitted on appeal.

The High Court acquitted him, and criticism then fell upon the government.

Soon after, Catiline, having bribed both judges and accuser, was acquitted in the trial for extortion.