Sentence Examples with the word aconite

Many species of aconite are cultivated in gardens, some having blue and others yellow flowers.

In Aconite one of them is shaped like a helmet (galeate).

Taken internally aconite acts very notably on the circulation, the respiration and the nervous system.

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The aconite has a short underground stem, from which dark-coloured tapering roots descend.

The horn-like nectaries under the galeate sepal of aconite (fig.

The best method of application is by rubbing in a small quantity of the aconitine ointment until numbness is felt, but the costliness of this preparation causes the use of the aconite liniment to be commonly resorted to.

When put to the lip, the juice of the aconite root produces a feeling of numbness and tingling.

The antipyretic action which considerable doses of aconite display is not specific, but is the result of its influence on the circulation and respiration and of its slight diaphoretic action.

Liniments containing opium, belladonna or aconite rubbed into the affected part will often soothe the most severe local pain.

Amongst those are to be classed small doses of aconite and colchicum; the former especially tends to lessen the process of inflammation generally, when it is not too severe.