Sentence Examples with the word aconcagua

The eastern ranges parallel to the Andes are here broken into detached extensions and spurs, which soon disappear in the elevated western pampas, and the Andes contract south of Aconcagua to a single range, which descends gradually to the great plains of La Pampa and Neuquen.

The province of Coquimbo, which lies between those of Aconcagua and Atacama and extends from the Pacific inland to the Argentine frontier, has an area of 13, 4 61 sq.

Between Aconcagua and Mercedario are the passes of Espinacito (14,803 ft.) and Los Patos or Valle Hermoso (11,736 ft.), chosen by the Argentine General San Martin, when he made his memorable passage across the chain during the War of Independence.

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QUILLOTA, a town of Chile in the province of Valparaiso, on the left bank of the Aconcagua river, 20 m.

The capital is San Felipe, on the Aconcagua river; it had a population of 11,313 in 1895, and an estimated population of 11,660 in 1902.

The province is very mountainous, and is traversed from east to west by the broad valley of the Aconcagua river.

Viii.; Sir Martin Conway, Aconcagua and Tierra del Fuego (London.

Beginning with the province of Aconcagua the coast elevations crystallize into a range of mountains, the Cordillera Maritima, which follows the shore line south to the province of Llanquihue, and is continued still farther south by the mountain range of Chiloe and the islands of the western coast, which are the peaks of a submerged mountain chain.

Lying between this coast range and the Andes is a broad valley, or plain, extending from the Aconcagua river south to the Gulf of Ancud, a distance slightly over 620 m.

The rivers of the province of Coquimbo - the Elqui or Coquimbo, Limari and Choapa - exist under less arid conditions, and like those of the province of Aconcagua - the Ligua and Aconcagua - are used to irrigate a much larger area of cultivated territory.