Sentence Examples with the word acme

The whole universe, however, was incomplete, and did not receive its finishing stroke till man was formed, who is the acme of the creation and the microcosm.

The acme of this dominion was reached about the end of the 3rd millennium B.C., and thereafter there ensued a certain, though not very serious, decline.

The birth-rate, like the marriage-rate, seems to have reached its acme in the seventies, except in the three southern countries, France, Italy and Spain.

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The acme of the early prosperity of Austria was reached reigned from 1194 to 1230.

It first became a flourishing place under the Normans and during the crusades, but attained the acme of its prosperity as a seat of trade with the East under the Angevin princes.

The succeeding century Brought the Empire to the acme of its power, until Henry III.

For man, though a member in the system of the world, has also within him a principle which can guide and understand the movement of all the members; he can enter into the method of divine administration, and thus can learn - and it is the acme of his learning - the will of God, which is the will of nature.

His own prose is the acme of incisive force and directness.

Abroad its navigators monopolized the commerce of the world, and explored unknown seas; at home the Dutch school of painting reached its acme in Rembrandt (1607-1669); and the philological reputation of the country was sustained by Grotius, Vossius and the elder Heinsius.

The quarrel with the margraves, however, did not interfere with the growth of the town's prosperity, which reached its acme in the 16th century.