Sentence Examples with the word aching

The clouds of steam condensed to copious torrents, which, mingling with the fine ashes, proiced muddy streams that swept far and wide over the plains, aching even to the foot of the Apennines.

A warm shower soothed aching muscles.

She rolled onto her side, body aching from exertion.

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She ate gingerly, her head aching from both her hangover and her mental breakdown.

For a moment she felt the dull aching pain of being utterly alone.

My heartless mind will not allow my aching body the sleep it so desperately craves and I wander this near-empty house throughout the night.

Though I could hardly raise my arms above my aching side, I kept working.

Darian kissed her long and deep, his passion flying through her, leaving her breathless and aching for more than a kiss.

Lana awoke in the large tent, wrist aching and her face hurting where she'd been struck.

An attack may come on suddenly, but, in general, begins by a dull aching pain in the brow or temple, which steadily increases in severity and extent, but remains usually limited to one side of the head.