Sentence Examples with the word acetyl chloride

Soc. chim., 18 95, (3) 1 3, p. 735); and from the syn-aldoximes by the action of acetyl chloride or acetic anhydride.

Acetyl-salicylic acid (salacetic acid), C 6 H 4 (O 000H 3) CO 2 H, is obtained by the action of acetyl chloride on the acid or its sodium salt (K.

The syn-aldoximes or treatment with acetyl chloride readily lose water and yield nitriles; the anti-aldoximes as a rule are acetylated and do not yield nitriles.

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CN, may be prepared by the action of silver cyanide on acetyl chloride; or of acetyl chloride on nitrosoacetone (L.

The trans-acid is a racemic compound, which on heating with acetyl chloride gives the anhydride of the cis-acid.

Butlerow in 1864 by acting with zinc methyl on acetyl chloride (see Alcohols).

The ketoximes by the action of acetyl chloride undergo a peculiar inframolecular re-arrangement known as the Beckmann trans formation (E.

Triethyl silicol, (C2H5),Si OH, is a true alcohol, obtained by condensing zinc ethyl with silicic ester, the resulting substance of composition, (C2H5)3 SiOC2H51 with acetyl chloride yielding a chloro-compound (C2H5)3SiC1, which with aqueous ammonia yields the alcohol.

Succinic anhydride, C 2 H 4 (CO) 2 0, is obtained by heating the acid or its sodium salt with acetic anhydride; by the action of acetyl chloride on the barium salt; by distilling a mixture of succinic acid and succinyl chloride, or by heating succinyl chloride with anhydrous oxalic acid.