Sentence Examples with the word acetyl

Acetyl-salicylic acid (salacetic acid), C 6 H 4 (O 000H 3) CO 2 H, is obtained by the action of acetyl chloride on the acid or its sodium salt (K.

Acetyl acetone, CH 3 CO CH 2 CO CH 3, may be prepared by the action of aluminium chloride on acetyl chloride, or by condensing ethyl acetate with acetone in the presence of sodium (L.

Pyruvic nitrile, or acetyl cyanide, CH 3 CO.

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Methyl acetyl urea, CH 3 NH CO NH000H 31 is formed by the action of potash on a mixture of bromine (I mol.) and acetamide (2 mols.) (A.

The keto-dihydrotriazoles or triazolones are obtained by the action of hydrazines on acetyl urethane (A.

The acetyl compound on reduction yields two of its nitrogen atoms in the form of ammonia and the third in the form of methylamine.

The syn-aldoximes or treatment with acetyl chloride readily lose water and yield nitriles; the anti-aldoximes as a rule are acetylated and do not yield nitriles.

Glucoseoxime on warming with acetic anhydride is simultaneously acetylated and dehydrated, yielding an acetylated gluconitrile, which when warmed with ammoniacal silver nitrate loses hydrocyanic acid and is transformed into an acetyl pentose.

The trans-acid is a racemic compound, which on heating with acetyl chloride gives the anhydride of the cis-acid.

The ketoximes by the action of acetyl chloride undergo a peculiar inframolecular re-arrangement known as the Beckmann trans formation (E.