Sentence Examples with the word accountability

While in the short term such systems might fan civil unrest and spark government reprisals, ultimately they would lead to more accountability by governments and more transparency.

Landon, start taking accountability of dealers and compasses throughout the day.

I also need accountability on all of these.

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Railways have always been held by the legislatures and by the courts strictly accountable for their shortcomings, so far as accountability can be enforced by compelling the payment of damages to victims of accidents; but in spite of this, a want of enterprise and even some apparent neglect of passengers' and servants' plain rights, have often been apparent, and the Board of Trade, with its powers of supervision, inspection and investigation, must therefore be classed as one of the most beneficent factors in the promotion of safety on British railways.

The bewildering succession of health service reforms has changed the fundamental governance and accountability arrangements of the NHS.

They may have been missing before she arrived; no one took accountability of something no one was supposed to have access to.