Sentence Examples with the word accomplish

Some reference has already been made to the fact that in every office which Mr Roosevelt held he constantly dwelt upon the truism, often forgotten or ignored, that no government can accomplish any permanent good unless its administrative and legislative officers are chosen and maintained for merit only.

He now hoped to accomplish what his grandfather, fifty years before, had vainly attempted - the destruction of the Danish-Norwegian monarchy by capturing its capital.

In November she visited him at Dunbar, and in December took place the conference at Craigmillar at which both were present, and at which the disposal of Darnley was arranged, Bothwell with some others subsequently signing the bond to accomplish his murder.

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Of course I agreed though I had no idea how I'd accomplish the task and dreaded even trying.

Expiating his sins was not so much his aim as to accomplish great deeds for God.

During these two or three years of incessant political intrigue and warfare it was not to be expected that the Lateran council should accomplish much.

Sometimes it seemed to her that this difference arose from the difference in their ages, but she felt herself to blame toward him and promised in her heart to do better and to accomplish the impossible--in this life to love her husband, her children, little Nicholas, and all her neighbors, as Christ loved mankind.

But neither the other colonies nor the home government would co-operate, and the French were the first to accomplish it.

If these advantages and requisites are observed, perhaps in time to come some one might know how better to utilize our sketch and cause some addition to be made so as to accomplish that which we can only suggest.

When Mr Chamberlain reached the Transvaal in January 1903 the feeling among the British section of the community was optimistic. Mr Chamberlain was well received by the Boer leaders; it was, however, to the Rand magnates that he turned for financial help. That large sums were imperatively needed to accomplish the work of reconstruction was apparent.