Sentence Examples with the word accomplice

Before she became the dauphin's mistress, and that she gave herself to the king in order to obtain the pardon of her father, who had been condemned to death as an accomplice of the constable de Bourbon.

The woman, however, is not an accomplice (except by statute as in Ohio, State v.

His heartlessness toward the former provoked even an accomplice like Commines to protest.

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He had served in the army of his grandfather, the prince of Conde, during the recent war; and Bonaparte believed for a time that he was an accomplice to the Cadoudal-Pichegru plot.

He was appointed secretary (greffier) to the commune of Marseilles, and in 1792 was commissioned to go to the Legislative Assembly and demand the accusation of the directory of the department of Bouches-du-Rhone, as accomplice in a royalist movement in Arles.

He was accused, though proof is lacking, of having been an accomplice in the massacres in the prison of the Abbaye.

By Poyning's law (see above) England had control of all Irish legislation, and was therefore an accomplice in the penal laws.

Calendario was an accomplice in the conspiracy of Marino Faliero, and was executed together with the doge in 1355.

He was false to his benefactor Matthias, false to Matthias's son Janos Corvinus, whom he chicaned out of the throne, and false to his accomplice in that transaction, Queen Beatrice.

By a national agitation, denouncing him as an accomplice of the foreigner.