Sentence Examples with the word accommodate

The cathedral, founded in 1794 and finished in 1809, and thoroughly restored in 1903, can accommodate 5000 persons; it contains the tomb of Count Michael Vorontsov, governor-general from 1823 to 1854, who contributed much towards the development and embellishment of the city.

The monastery of Monte Oliveto Maggiore is an extensive building of considerable artistic interest, enhanced by frescoes of Signorelli and Sodoma; it is now a national monument occupied by two or three monks as custodians, though it could accommodate three hundred.

The county buildings, designed after the temple of Isis in Rome, accommodate the circuit and provincial courts and various local authorities.

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There was an idea of using suspension chains combined with a girder, and in fact the tower piers were built so as to accommodate chains.

The prison will accommodate about 60 inmates.

Instances of what we may term tolerated parasitism, where the host plant seems to accommodate itself very well to the presence of the Fungus, paying the tax it extorts and nevertheless not succumbing but managing to provide itself with sufficient material to go on with, are not rare; and these seem to lead to those cases where the mutual accommodation between host and guest has been carried so far that each derives some benefit from the associationsymbiosis (see FUNGI).

The roadsteads of Rach-Gia, Ca-Mau, and Ha-Tien can accommodate only vessels of low tonnage.

It must further be considered that, though Sarpi admired the English prayer-book, he was neither Anglican, Lutheran nor Calvinist, and might have found it difficult to accommodate himself to any Protestant church.

Another special type is the bow-case, made to take a short curved bow and to accommodate arrows'as well.

The buildings of a Benedictine abbey were uniformly arranged after one lan modified where Y g P necessary (as at Durham and Worcester, where the monasteries, stand close to the steep bank of a river) to accommodate the arrangement to local circumstances.