Sentence Examples with the word accolade

Ricky Gervais has broken his award-winning streak, failing to scoop a top accolade for his radio show.

Conferring But while in the one the accolade constituted the Knighthood.

A dubious accolade goes to the nearby city of Durham.

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Mrs. Emma Rees won the accolade last July, followed by Mrs. Janet Flynn in December.

I will then identify the ways we can tell whether or not a school deserves the accolade of being a good school.

Everywhere else dubbing or the accolade seems to have become obsolete, and no other species of knighthood, if knighthood it can be called, is known except that which is dependent on admission to some particular order.

It was the biggest accolade in the industry.

That dubious accolade goes to the nearby city of Durham.

The cardiology team at Ealing Hospital has been awarded the prestigious accolade of Cardiology Team of the Year 2013 by Hospital Doctor Magazine.

In both of them the essential portion seems Modes of to have been the accolade or stroke of the sword.