Sentence Examples with the word accessory

In some cases the branchial respiration a p pears to be insufficient, and the intestinal tract acts as an accessory breathing organ.

The scene represents St George and the Princess after the conquest of the Dragon, with accessory figures, the sea, a mountainous landscape and an elaborately painted city in the background.

The gonad has no accessory organs and except in Neri- tidae no duct, but discharges into the right kidney.

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The ordinary accessory minerals of igneous rocks, apatite, in Great Britain and the continent of Europe.

The Old Slavonic words lyepo, byelo, are pronounced by the Servians of Herzegovina, Bosnia, Montenegro, Dalmatia, Croatia and south-western Servia as leeyepo, beeyelo; by the Servians of Syrmia the same vowel is pronounced sometimes as e (lepo, belo), sometimes as ee (videeti, leteeti); by the Servians of the Morava valley and its accessory Ressava valley, always only as e (lepo, belo, videti, leteti).

Shell with a pallial sinus; dorsal region protected by accessory plates.

Shell external, spiral, generally ornamented with ribs; borders of aperture thin and not reflected; radula with square teeth; genital ducts without accessory organs.

Bdelloidaceae; foot with two toes and accessory spurs or a simple perforated disk; body telescopic at either end, with an antero-dorsal proboscis ending in a ciliate cup and bearing the proximal antenna; corona usually bilobed, very wheel-like.

No accessory glands or copulatory organs are ever present in Lamellibranchs.

In the Copepoda the median eye may undergo considerable elaboration, and refracting lenses and other accessory structures may be developed in connexion with it.