Sentence Examples with the word accessibility

The positions of the factories were determined by the supply of wood for fuel, and subsequently, when the craft of glass-cutting was introduced, by the accessibility of water-power.

Its ready accessibility from the metropolis is the chief factor in its popularity.

Perhaps the most remarkable traits in Longfellow's character were his accessibility and his charity.

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The beginning, the prevalence and duration of the Bronze Age in each country would have been ordered by the accessibility of the metals which form the alloy.

Mrs Carlyle was hurt by the fine lady's condescension and her husband's accessibility to aristocratic blandishments.

The lower coastal parts, from their accessibility and their smaller relief, are more densely populated; the higher and more rugged interior is still largely forested and thinly settled; there are large tracts of unbroken forest in northern Maine, hardly 150 m.

The most important mine in point of area, accessibility and output is Raniganj, with an area of 500 sq.

His cruelty and licentiousness, coupled with his accessibility to bribes, led to a great increase of crime in Judaea.

It had long the reputation of being almost constantly ice-bound, but after the Norwegian captain Johannesen had demonstrated its accessibility in 1869, and Nordenskield had crossed it to the mouth of the Yenisei in 1875, it was considered by many to offer a possible trade route between European Russia and the north of Siberia.