Sentence Examples with the word acanthus

The greater part of its body is covered by a pattern of acanthus leaves, but on the shoulder is a frieze showing nomads breaking in wild mares, our chief authority for Scythian costume.

The kings of arms in England, Scotland and Ireland wear crowns, the ornamentation of which round the upper rim of the circlet is composed of a row of acanthus or oak leaves.

There are two types, that found in the Acanthus spinosus, which was followed by the Greeks, and that in the Acanthus mollis, which seems to have been preferred by the Romans.

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Large flowing leaves of acanthus and other plants were beaten out with wonderful spirit and beauty of curve.

It has twenty-four columns of Carystian (cipollino) marble, with capitals probably of Byzantine work with swelling acanthus leaves; but the rest of the church is due to native architects.

The best - known is Acanthus mollis (brankursine, or bears' breech), a common species throughout the Mediterranean region, having large, deeply cut, hairy, shining leaves.

In decoration, the acanthus was first reproduced in metal, and subsequently carved in stone by the Greeks.

Another species, Acanthus spinosus, is so called from its spiny leaves.