Sentence Examples with the word academia

Germany The earliest trace of the literary journal in Germany is to be found in the Erbauliche Monatsunterredungen (1663) of the poet Johann Rist and in the Miscellanea curiosa medico-physica (1670-1704) of the Academia naturae curiosorum Leopoldina-Carolina, the first scientific annual, uniting the features of the Journal des savants and of the Philosophical Transactions.

The prevailing European fashion of literary academies was not long in reaching Portugal, and 1647 saw the foundation of the Academia dos Generosos which included in its ranks the men most illustrious by learning and social position, and in 1663 the Academia dos Singulares came into being; but with all their pedantry, extravagances and bad taste, it must be confessed that these and similar corporations tended to promote the pursuit of good literature.

The only mention that legal academia got was a reference to disparage them for overblown prose.

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Dalametra, Dictionar Macedoromdn (Bucharest, Academia Romana, 1906).

In 1776 he entered the Academia Ecclesiastica at Rome, in which Pope Pius VI.

Both ancient and later times are dealt with in the Historia general de Espaa, escrita por individuos de la real academia de la historia (Madrid, 1892 sqq.)a series of studies by different hands; that on the reign of Charles III., by Seor Manuel Danvila, is very valuable for the later 18th century.

From this beginning resulted the Academia de Bellas Artes of a later date, to which was added a conservatory of music in 1841.

The first founded of surviving European academies, the Academia Naturae Curiosorum (1651),2 especially confined itself to the description and illustration of the structure of plants and animals; eleven years later (1662) the Royal Society of London was incorporated by royal charter, having existed without a name or fixed organization for 1 The medieval attitude towards both plants and animals had no relation to real knowledge, but was part of a peculiar and in itself highly interesting mysticism.