Sentence Examples with the word abyss

Its congeners even then lived in England, as is proved by the fact that their relics have been found in the Stonesfield oolitic rocks, the deposition of which is separated from that which gave rise to the Paris Tertiary strata by an abyss of past time which we cannot venture to express even in thousands of years.

With all due respect to Nietzsche, we have looked long into the Abyss, but the Abyss has not looked back into us.

But, if this were all, the Divine Being would remain an abyss dark even to itself.

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Mangaia: the woman of the abyss made a child from a piece of flesh plucked out of her own side.

The Liberal party, however, realized the abyss towards which they were hurrying the country, and united their efforts to come to a constitutional understanding with the king.

It only remained now for the primal man to descend into the abyss and prevent the further increase of the generations of darkness by cutting off their roots; but he could not immediately separate again the elements that had once mingled.

Thus the late Rabbinical picture of the calf-headed brazen image of Molech within which children were burned alive is pure fable, and with it falls the favourite comparison between Molech and the Carthaginian idol from whose brazen arms children were rolled into an abyss of fire, and whom Diodorus (xux.

In his system he appears to have regarded the divine nature as a vast abyss in whose pleroma were aeons of different orders and degrees, - emanations from the source of being.

She glanced down at the black abyss before them.

The living Nero was no longer expected to return from the East, but Nero was to be restored to life from the abyss by the dragon, i.e.