Sentence Examples with the word abusive

They had to declare the proceedings null and abusive and command the court Christian to render right judgment (Edict of 1695, arts.

He became himself a persecutor, and a writer of abusive pamphlets unworthy of the author of the Utopia.

He flew into an abusive rage when he saw it.

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Men had been convicted for criticizing the Red Cross, doubting the utility of knitting socks for soldiers, using abusive and intemperate language in arguments about the war or producing such a motion picture as The Spirit of '76 which in one part represented British soldiers using bayonets at the Wyoming valley massacre.

About the same time (April 1645) Schoock was summoned before the university of Groningen, of which he was a member, and forthwith disavowed the more abusive passages in his book.

In 580 Gregory was himself accused before a council at Berny of using abusive language against Queen Fredegond, but he cleared himself of the charge by an oath and was acquitted.

If this husband of hers is abusive and traced her charge slip to Bird Song that quickly, he means business.

Dean explained to his wife the number of times in his police career he'd seen battered women refuse to follow through when confronted by their abusive mate.

Look, Edith Shipton had just poured her heart out to my wife and me that she had run away from an abusive husband and was hiding.

King Henry himself in 1521 had deigned to write an abusive pamphlet against Luther, for which he had been awarded the magnificent title of Fidel Defensor by that cultured sceptic Pope Leo X.